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Playing the News for Laughs (6/14/07)

Fox has a new reality/comedy series called "Anchorwoman" coming your way soon. It's about a swimsuit model/actress - with no experience as a journalist - trying to make it as a news co-anchor at a real TV station in Tyler, Texas.

This has many TV executives all worked up. The General Manager at one Tyler station said he sees this as "a stunt, and not a journalistic endeavor." And a well-respected media critic says this "doesn't do anything to help the reputation of journalists there and around the world."

Would that be the reputation the cable news channels have worked so hard to earn by bringing us all day coverage of Paris Hilton? Or obsessing about the parentage of Anna Nicole's baby?

And a stunt? On a local newscast? Say it ain't so!

Come on - this is just an attempt by an also-ran station to maybe generate a little extra attention for its 5 PM newscast, and by Fox to score a few prime time rating points. It's probably shallow, but it's certainly not a threat to the integrity of the American Free Press.

News professionals should take their jobs seriously. But any of them who thinks this is the first - or even the worst - example of show biz encroaching upon TV journalism needs to start taking better notes.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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