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Thoughts While Driving 7/12/07

Thoughts While Driving (7/12/07)

Just wanted to share a few thoughts that occurred to me while driving around town recently.

First, while we still have several weeks to go, I'm pretty impressed that the traffic disaster many feared would be caused by the "Restore 64" project has - for the most part -- failed to materialize.

Of course, some delays and tie-ups have been inevitable - especially for Indiana commuters. But it seems to me things have gone about as well as anyone could have hoped for.

And if more people who live on this side of the river would just show a little flexibility in finding alternate routes that wouldn't unnecessarily contribute to the extra congestion on streets like Market and Liberty, things would go even more smoothly.

Meanwhile - believe it our not - the Kennedy Bridge is actually getting painted! From what I can tell, things are progressing pretty quickly on this project, and at this rate, it may not be long before we can finally put that perpetual joke to bed for good.

Or at least for another thirty years or so.

And finally, a quick comment about the new 70-mile-per-hour speed limit on Kentucky's Interstates:

It's a limit. Not a requirement to do at least 75. And if you're doing 65 in the right lane and someone is angrily tailgating you, he's the jerk - not you.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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