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Progress vs. Politics (7/17/07)

Governor Fletcher's recent call for a special legislative session was a pretty clear example of politics at work. Nothing on the agenda was urgent, and I think the Governor just wanted to use it to spotlight campaign issues he hopes will appeal to his conservative base.

But the House of Representatives' Democratic majority also acted politically in refusing to take part in the session. Regardless of its merits, do you really think they would have voted to ditch it and go home if it had been called by a Democratic governor?

So once again, the trivial game of politics takes precedence over the serious business of government.

I think the two-party political system is rapidly becoming obsolete. The needs, values and priorities of any two - or twenty -- Democrats can be wildly different. And the same goes for Republicans.

So we shouldn't be voting for Democrats or Republicans. We should be voting for thoughtful people - regardless of party -- who will do right by us on the important issues.

It's up to us - through active involvement and independent thought -- to lay these meaningless labels to rest. Because until we do, progress will always take a back seat to politics.

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I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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