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The Deadly Side of Breaking News (7/31/07)

A high speed car chase in Phoenix last week was being covered by five TV news helicopters when two of them collided and crashed, killing four people. Now we hear that -- in addition to the many other charges he already faces -- the guy who was being pursued might also be charged in connection with the helicopter deaths.

While I've always said when a person chooses to break the law, what happens next is his responsibility -- and I'll always believe that -- I think this would be a case of misplaced justice.

Had any of the pursuing officers -- or other drivers or pedestrians -- been injured or killed, then okay -- throw the book at him.

But this dangerous swarm of helicopters didn't have to be there. They were all just rushing to top each other in covering a story that carried about as much real importance as "dog bites man" -- and got careless.

It was one more example of the concept of "Breaking News" gone wild, but this time four people paid a deadly price.

Our fleeing fugitive isn't blameless. But charging him for these needless deaths would be wrong. Because it would prevent any scrutiny of the questionable policies regarding "breaking news" that directly led to this tragedy.

But what are your thoughts? Call us at 588-2433 and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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