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"Mixed" Message Over Downtown Development (8//21/07)

I'm often at odds with the Courier-Journal, but one thing we've usually agreed upon has been the positive value of significant downtown development.

Then I got a look at the front page of the Metro section of yesterday's newspaper.

The headline read, "Reaction to Cordish Plan Mixed," and the story described the reactions of local people to the announcement that a large part of downtown around 4th Street Live would soon be getting a $250 million facelift, complete with retail, offices, and housing.

But it was hard for me to tell what was "mixed" about the reaction. Almost everyone interviewed for the story was enthusiastic about the plan. The lone exception was one woman from Sellersburg, Indiana who expressed an unwillingness to come downtown because of what she called "riffraff," and assured us she was "not alone."

No? You couldn't tell it from this article.

This constitutes a mixed reaction?

Either some headline writer needs a lesson in accurately summarizing, or the Courier-Journal was trying to manufacture some controversy where there simply is none.

For my money, the Cordish plan is cause for celebration. And my guess is, most people who will be affected by it feel the same way.

But what's your thought? Call us at 588-2433 and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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