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Tips For Telephone Feedback (8/23/07)

You've probably noticed we recently started airing telephone feedback to our Tuesday editorials on Wednesday's newscasts. This has been a very popular addition, but I wanted to address a few issues that have come up.

First, a few people have called to complain that we didn't air their entire comment, but only used a sentence or two.

Well, that's true. But we only have about a minute or so to work with. So in order to include as many viewpoints as possible, we have to select only those statements that contain the meat of your message. We always try to make sure those excerpts aren't taken out of context or change the meaning of the caller, and I think we've succeeded.

We also get responses we simply can't use because they don't actually address the topic at hand. A good example was last week's Point of View that favored a referendum on the issue of casino gambling. We got a lot of calls, but many of them simply stated whether the caller favored legalizing casinos or not.

What we wanted to know was how you felt about putting the question to a vote - no matter where you stood - and the calls we got that actually answered that question were the ones we used.

We're still getting our feet wet with this process, and so are our callers. But in the meantime, remember - keep it short and stay on topic, and there's a good chance you'll hear your feedback on our air sometime soon.

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