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Oil At Any Price Is No Bargain (9/4/07)

The BP oil refinery just outside Chicago was recently exempted by the state of Indiana and the Federal EPA from environmental laws so it could increase the amount of pollution it discharges into Lake Michigan. This will clear the way for a multi-billion dollar expansion intended to increase BP's refining capacity.

This means 54 percent more ammonia and 35 percent more sludge can be dumped into the lake -- every day.

Very few people are more pro-business than I am. But how can anyone, in 2007, justify any increase in the already-terrible pollution levels we'll tolerate in our water and air? If we really care anything about our nation beyond our own lifetimes, why would we agree to further jeopardize its very ability to survive?

For any reason?

I don't oppose increasing domestic oil production. But we can't afford to do so at an unacceptable cost. Any oil company that wants to expand its facilities must also be required to expand its pollution containment and clean-up capabilities so it doesn't wind up destroying the planet in the bargain.

Otherwise, we'll be acting as irrationally as the person who sells his car so he can afford to fill it up with gas.

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