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The Courier-Journal – Your Bias Is Showing (9/11/07)

The next time you suggest to someone at the Courier-Journal that the paper is little more than an editorial mouthpiece for the liberal left of the Democratic Party, and they look at you with doe eyes full of mock innocence, read this paragraph back to them from last Tuesday's opinion page.

They -- and I say "they" because no one person there ever takes personal responsibility for any editorial opinion -- they accused the entire Republican Party, in these exact words, of "coddling the advantaged, victimizing the disadvantaged, serving corporate givers, pandering to fundamentalist evangelicals, and facilitating racists."

Those are some of the most offensive words they have yet put to paper. They state it like it's a fact and apply it to all people who consider themselves Republicans. Regardless of party, we should be outraged that our local newspaper can print such crap on the editorial page and then claim to be an unbiased, mainstream paper everywhere else.

I just wish they would have the integrity to stand up and say, "You know what? We are liberals. We are here to serve the Democratic Party, and we despise everything Republicans stand for."

If they did that, at least I could respect them for having the guts to admit what is as clear as sunshine to everyone else.

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