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Cell Phones on Wheels - Not Just a Teenage Problem (9/18/07)

California has just passed a law banning teenagers from using any electronic devices, such as cell phones, iPods, computers and pagers, while driving. Indiana is among at least a dozen other states considering similar legislation.

While I think such laws are well-intentioned, they don't go far enough.


Because - for no good reason I can think of -- they're directed only at teens. And the problems created by drivers using these devices are by no means limited to those under 20.

I constantly see people of all ages years chattering away on their cell phones while darting in and out of traffic on the Interstate, no more aware of the other cars around them than they are of the current price of grain in Scandinavia. Adults share plenty of the guilt, so why should a law against such behavior be restricted only to kids?

Could it be that legislators know that most teens can't -- or don't -- vote? Or that they're afraid parents who are more than happy to let the government keep their kids in line would throw a fit if the same laws also applied to them?

I'd love to see laws across the country banning the use of these devices by drivers. But kidding ourselves into believing teens are the only ones causing this problem will do little to solve it.

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I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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