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Send the Post Office a Message (9/20/07)

While most businesses desperately search for ways to offer more and better products and services at the lowest possible price, the current attitude of the United States Postal Service in Louisville puzzles me.

Over the past several years the Post Office has continually cut back on its hours of service and moved pickup times for our business mail earlier and earlier, while consistently raising its rates. And their typical response to anyone who complains is pretty much...apathy.

You might think the great service provided by private companies like UPS and FedEx would be enough to keep the Postal Service on its toes. But the truth is, the Post Office still has pretty much of a monopoly on most of the business and personal mail we all send and receive.

Business monopolies - especially those with the force of government on their side - invariably get lazy. Competition, on the other hand, fosters excellence.

In the fast paced world of overnight delivery and email, I'd like to see the local managers of the Post Office whip their operations into shape, focus hard on their customer's needs and lose the disinterested attitude so common with government employees. Better to do it now and stay relevant than to follow American Motors, Life Magazine, and afternoon newspapers into extinction.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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