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Lethal Injection - Cruel, But Not Unusual (10/2/07)

Recently, several protesters have argued that capital punishment by lethal injection violates the prohibition against "cruel and unusual punishment."

Well, I think capital punishment in any form is unusual. But if you are going to execute someone, I'm not sure how you could do it in a way that's less cruel than lethal injection.

I believe this is really just another attempt by the anti-capital punishment crowd to ultimately block any executions. And that's what really bothers me.

I remain in favor of exterminating people who commit cruel and heinous crimes against humanity. Vicious, soulless people who would do something so horrible should forfeit their right to live among us.

And I'm not really concerned if this form of capital punishment brings one of these monsters a bit of discomfort. No murderer showed his victim that same concern.

But I do think capital punishment should only apply to killers convicted beyond any doubt. Not just reasonable doubt but any whatsoever. Otherwise, life in prison should apply.

There's no room for any possible error on this question. But once we're absolutely sure, any argument that lethal injection is "cruel and unusual" - and therefore unconstitutional - is meritless.

What are your thoughts? Call us at 588-2433 and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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