Two weeks ago, the Regional Airport Authority put its Executive Director "Skip" Miller on probation and denied him a $13,000 bonus because he sent sexually suggestive emails to his former assistant. That misbehavior resulted in a sexual harassment lawsuit against the authority, which was quietly settled for over $53,000 in March.

But until a few weeks ago, no one aside from Board Chairman J.D. Nichols, Miller and the complainant knew all the details of the confidential settlement. That's because Nichols was authorized by the board to settle such matters on his own and didn't share the details of Miller's offense with all its members.

This incident would never have come to light had it not been for a leak to the media. And without that, it's unlikely Miller would have suffered any punishment whatsoever.

If Miller worked for me and pulled that nonsense, he wouldn't work for me anymore. This is 2007, and treating women in the workplace with respect isn't exactly a brand-new concept.

This incident should make it crystal clear to the board it's not wise to put total authority for any such settlement in the hands of a single individual. Because it's kind of hard to exercise any kind of oversight when you don't even know what you're overseeing.

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