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Writing an End to Graffiti (10/23/07)

Louisville's Extreme Park is shut down for at least part of this week so the graffiti that's become a persistent problem there can be cleaned up. And predictably, some are crying "foul," claiming graffiti is just another form of art and that the park is simply another of "their canvases."

Art? I don't see it, but maybe.

Canvas? Well, that's how they're using it, all right.

But "theirs?" Sorry, but no.

If these "artists" really think their spray-paint scribblings are all that dazzling, why don't they just apply them to their own homes? Or cars?

But public property? Or someone else's private property?

Hands off.

I've always thought the Extreme Park is a great addition to the city, but given its numerous prior instances of vandalism, park users are lucky city officials haven't just given up and pulled the plug on the whole thing.

If even one new piece of graffiti appears after the park re-opens, it should bring another week-long shutdown. The next offense should earn a two-week closure. And we should repeat and escalate as necessary.

Peer pressure is the only thing that'll stop this destructive nonsense. And if we make it clear to the park's responsible users that they're the ones who'll pay the price, maybe they'll start exerting it.

What do you think? Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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