I'd like to address one of my pet peeves about attending college football and basketball games in person these days:

It's the fact that virtually every free moment from start to finish that doesn't involve actual play action has been hijacked by one sponsored promotion stunt after another. All the things that used to be major parts of the whole game experience - cheerleaders, dance teams and pep bands - now get precious little time because of the need to make room for dancing milk bottles and the like.

Yes, I know -- televised games, including ours, are also jam-packed with these same sorts of promotions. But the major difference is that televised games on broadcast TV are absolutely free to watch. And commercials and in-game promotions are exactly what make that possible.

But if you're actually at the game, you've already paid big money for your seats (probably along with a sizable donation to even have the right to buy those seats). And concessions aren't exactly bargains either.

So shouldn't you at least get to enjoy the pure game experience without being sold something every two minutes?

I understand the need for big money to finance big-time college athletics. And I'm not singling out any particular school. They're all guilty.

But at some point, enough is enough.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.