I stopped trying to understand what makes Bobby Petrino tick the moment he left the University of Louisville.

But since he's now betrayed yet another team to return to college coaching (at least for this week), I do have to wonder why any parent would even consider putting their son under the care and supervision of such an erratic, untrustworthy character.

College coaches are supposed to be teachers - not just of their sport, but of values and ethics. The kids in their charge should be able to believe in what they say, and their parents should be secure in the knowledge that their child is in the hands of someone they can count on.

But when it comes to Mr. Petrino, about the only thing anyone can count on is that you can't count on anything.

Hiring Petrino may get the University of Arkansas the wins they're obviously so desperate for in the short term. But at what cost? What message does it send when you're willing to compromise every value college sports are supposed to represent just to boost your winning percentage?

And what message is he sending his own kids by making it clear that his word is about as good as a three-dollar bill?

Bobby Petrino knows football. But when it comes to life's bigger issues, he's pitifully clueless. And the world of college athletics should not be celebrating his return.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.