UK basketball coach Billy Gillispie recently offered an eighth-grade kid a scholarship to play for the Wildcats. More than four years from now.

And he accepted.

And what's really amazing is - a lot of people don't realize how ridiculous that is.

A headline that reads "Eighth-Grader Makes College Commitment to Kentucky" makes about as much sense as one that reads "Dog Promises No More Accidents on Carpet."

What 8th-grader really has any idea what'll be important to him when he's a high-school senior?

Meanwhile, who believes that scholarship offer won't be long-forgotten if the kid doesn't turn out to be the high-school star everyone's hoping for?

The truth is this is a non-event. The kid can change his mind. And so can Gillispie -- assuming he's even still the coach at UK in four years.

The only reason a deal like this gets any publicity at all is that sports news is relatively slow in mid-May, and college basketball fans - especially here - will bite at any worm dropped in the water.

I know UK isn't the first - or the only - college to engage in such idiocy.

But I'd like to think a school with as much tradition as Kentucky would lead us in a more sensible direction, rather than just follow along with the rest of the crowd.

But what do you think? Call, and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.