20,000 American flags will soon be flying at Louisville's Jefferson Square.

The sea of red, white, and blue is called a flag-in.  It's part of the three-day, 50 hour-long Memorial Day vigil to honor America's fallen military, veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS.

The Flags4Vets organization, spokesperson Heather French Henry, and other volunteers began placing the flags on the lawn at 10 Thursday morning.  They hope to finish by 10 Thursday night.

Frederick Moore of Flags4Vets explains, "When we get these flags out there, I think a lot of kids and adults alike are going to be very impressed with how many people pay the price for our liberties and their normal day-to-day jobs."

The flag-in will end Saturday morning with a closing ceremony from 9 to noon.  That's when the names of each fallen first responder will be read out loud along with a bell tolling.