Guest Editorial - Banning Dog Breeds

Citizens of Metro Louisville deserve to be safe. This means responsible dog ownership. While not inherently savage, some dogs are just plain stronger or harder to handle than others. These qualities can be found in all breeds of dogs.

Breed specific legislation fails on many points. Laws fail to affect the owners already breaking leash, breeding and registration laws. Higher costs won't inspire those in violation of the laws to abide by it. People who are determined to have large, aggressive dogs will raise a canine with a friendly reputation to be territorial and aggressive. Our current list may eventually include Dobermans, German Shepherds, Chow-chows, and Boxers. Or will we go as far as some cities and ban all breeds over 100 pounds?

Targeting specific breeds will not only cost our city money to enforce the laws, but also to defend them in civil court.

We need to first address the under-funding and under-manning of our Animal Control agency. There are other avenues to explore, such as spaying and neutering incentives, limits on the number of dogs per household, holding owners responsible with fines and jail time, or even door-to-door checks to ensure dogs are indeed registered, restrained and vaccinated.

All Citizens of Metro Louisville have the right to be safe. The best path to that safety is not by criminalizing certain breeds and certain people, but by showing respect and responsibility on both sides of the dog ownership fence.

I'm Michelle Freel, and that's my...Point of View.