Viewer Feedback (1/5/06)

Let's take a look at some of the feedback generated by a few of our recent editorials.

After criticizing the public relations efforts of the newly-opened Ali Center, I got this e-mail from C.S. of Louisville: "Have you been to the Center? I doubt it, because if you had, you would see that it's truly amazing and inspiring. If you feel like such a part of this community, wouldn't you be better served promoting its new institutions as opposed to knocking them down?"

When I talked about the need for higher education in a time of fewer blue collar jobs, Joseph of Mount Washington agreed, saying "I was one of the lucky ones who was able to go from the farm to the factory. But now, the factory is being farmed out, thanks to NAFTA - which should stand for 'No American Factories Taking Applications.'"

And when I called for a bolder smoking ban for our city, Wayne of Louisville replied, "If a restaurant owner wants to cater to smokers, why not let him? The people that don't want to smell smoke need to stay out. And as far as the employees go, they shouldn't apply for a job in a smoking establishment."

As always, whether you agree or not, we always appreciate your feedback, and you'll find much more of it on our website at

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