Basketball - It Just Doesn't Matter (1/19/06)

In the film "Meatballs," Bill Murray plays a camp counselor whose clumsy kids are hopelessly outmatched in the Summer Camp Olympics. In his classic locker room pep talk, Murray's character admits they probably don't stand a chance. But he ends with the unforgettable reminder, "It just doesn't matter if we win or lose. It Just... Doesn't... Matter!"

More than a few area basketball fans could benefit from that reminder.

After UK recently lost three games in a row, hundreds of distraught, angry people rushed to Internet message boards and radio call-in shows to heap unreasonable, abusive criticism upon Coach Tubby Smith and his players for ruining their fun.

And following Tuesday night's debacle against St. John's, it looks as if plenty of U of L fans are just as ready to throw themselves off a cliff.

Look - it's great to be an enthusiastic fan. But when your own self-esteem and well-being is completely dependent upon the outcome of a ball game between college kids, you have a serious problem.

So my advice is this:

Watch the games. And cheer your heads off for a victory. But win OR lose, give your team a hand, and then get back to living your own life as well as possible.

Because as long as we have real concerns like wars, hurricanes and hunger to worry about, Bill Murray was right:

Really -- It just doesn't matter.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.