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Guest Editorial - No New Arena

The last thing the taxpayers of Metro Louisville need is an expensive, new downtown arena in a flood zone. Freedom Hall is accessible, centrally located, has plenty of great parking and it's paid for!

The powers that be tell us not to worry about a mere 350 million dollars. They say that's pocket change. That the state will kick in 75 million from taxes, business will entertain clients, and we can issue bonds for the rest. In the meantime, Louisville will become rich and famous and the arena will pay for itself!

But that's highly unlikely. 

Common sense says that if there were profit to be made in a new arena, private business would have built one long ago, with no public funding necessary.

The bottom line is: If Kentucky government has so much money it can finance sports and
entertainment, lawmakers should lower taxes and leave the money in the hands of the people who earned it.

We taxpayers have our own needs and priorities. And new arenas are not on my list.

I'm Donna Mancini, and that's my...Point of View. 

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