Once again, Louis Coleman is playing the race card by protesting the use of what he calls "excessive force" by police who shot and wounded Trent Marion -- an African-American -- after a wild chase on I-64.

But is it possible Mr. Marion has no one but himself to blame?

Consider this:

The chase began when Marion -- suspected of shoplifting - was approached by an off-duty officer. He fought. Then he fled in his SUV.

During their lengthy pursuit, which endangered the lives of hundreds of innocent drivers, police managed to flatten three of his tires with spikes.

Still he didn't stop.

But he did run into the highway median, and that's when the police say he tried to run over an officer while attempting to drive off again.

Now, given all this, exactly how does Mr. Coleman think the police should have gotten this wild man to stop? I maintain that when someone behaves this badly, they are responsible for what happens next.

Claiming this guy was shot because he was black is one more example of the kind of racism Louis Coleman's organization feeds upon. And I will not stop pointing it out. He uses this kind of divisive argument to whip up unjustified outrage to finance his operation.

The police are there to protect us from bad guys who put our lives in danger - not to endanger their own because they're afraid of what Louis Coleman might think.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.