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Guest Editorial - Isn't it Amazing?


To me, Casey Sheehan is a hero.

It's amazing to me that a Mom could speak so loudly against the very thing that her son chose to fight for. What kind of person sends the message that her son was so ignorant that he decided to defend our country without knowing he may have to die while doing so?

Do people enlist in the military and think they will never have to go overseas and actually fight? We have liberties in our country because someone fought for them, not because they simply complained about them.

Hitler was not overthrown by being talked to gently.  Families had to sacrifice to fight against his tyranny.  If that sacrifice had not been made, then Cindy Sheehan would not have the freedom of speech we all enjoy.

It's sad Ms. Sheehan can't be proud of her son for the sacrifice he made so she could exercise her rights. And what makes her so much better than the men, women and children in who simply want the same democracy that we enjoy today?

I will remain grateful for those who fought for my freedom. Perhaps Ms. Sheehan and others like her would become grateful if they were sent to live under tyranny for while.

So now, to all those who fought and died for this country and to those who are fighting for our country today: Thank You!

I'm Tammy Andrews-Brown, and that's my...Point of View.

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