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Can We Get Anything Done Around Here?


I was just doing a mental inventory of the things accomplished in this city in the past five years. It's an impressive list. Preston Point, Fourth Street Live, The Muhammad Ali Center, the Skate Park, Waterfront Park Place Condominiums, and The Glass Works Building. All but one of those improvements has come from private enterprise.

Meanwhile, our elected officials absolutely, positively cannot even get a bridge painted. They talk about building two new bridges but more than a year after supposedly securing funds, not one shovel of dirt has been turned over. There has been talk about a new arena again for almost a year now and we're just about at the moment of truth where it will either happen or it won't. At a time when we need positive and decisive action from our local representatives in the state legislature, they are doing what they do best - nothing.

Many of these "do nothings" are up for re-election this fall. I want you to watch them closely on this arena issue. See if they become the positive agents of change we desperately need or just the same old toads in the road we've come to know and loathe. Then vote them in or out in November based on whether you think they have acted in Louisville's best interest or their own.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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