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Downtown: Murderous Misinformation


Of those who still oppose a downtown arena the ones who baffle me the most are those who think downtown after dark is a cauldron of danger - something like Gotham City on a bad night.

I've heard from at least one person who wrote, "there's a murder down there every night." And unfortunately, too many people who never come down here actually agree with that misguided notion.

Check a zip code map sometime, and focus on the 40202 zone. It extends roughly from the river to Broadway, and from Shelby Street on the east to anywhere between Seventh and Ninth Streets on the west.

That's downtown, by any reasonable definition. And the two arena locations still under consideration are smack dab in the center of it.

There were 64 homicides in Metro Louisville in 2005. Know how many of them were in that zip code?


Now granted, even that's one too many. But compared to the overall picture, any implication that downtown Louisville is somehow a fearsome "killing zone" would be laughable -- if it weren't so damaging.

Those who cling to stereotypes that simply aren't true and never were do no favors for themselves or their city.

Of course, the city will survive just fine. But it's a shame to think about how many great things some people miss in the name of paranoia.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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