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Casino Gambling: Playing to Win


I simply don't understand why Kentucky won't legalize casino gambling.

If we really disapprove of it so much, why do thousands of Kentuckians cross the river every day to feed slots and table games in Indiana?

When Kentucky is struggling to fund some of our most basic programs, how can we afford to send hundreds of millions of tax dollars out of the state?

And I'm tired of the argument that people can't handle gambling. True, some can't. But that argument just won't fly with me until we're also ready to outlaw all gambling like the lottery, pari-mutuel betting and playing the stock market. And I don't see that happening.

Congratulations to Indiana and its communities that made nearly 700 million dollars in tax revenue from casinos last year alone.

But imagine what Kentucky could do if it legalized casinos and not only taxed them, but how about we charge a 300 million-dollar license fee for the right to open one. I think the big companies would still line up, and eight licenses statewide would generate a cool 2.4 BILLION dollars - dollars we could sure use.

With the current legislative session quickly nearing its end, I urge our representatives to take a hard, realistic look at the subject before it's again too late.

Heck, we're already losing. Might as well take a chance at winning for a change.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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