Point of View (3/13/06)

A spirited exchange of ideas is healthy. In that light, there is nothing wrong with bringing up ideas that seem attractive at first blush -like tearing down I-64 through downtown Louisville. Unfortunately, proponents of the so-called "8664" idea have been misled to believe that it's a legitimate option for us to consider. It is not.

Traffic engineers say that demolishing I-64 downtown would result in gridlock, choking the economic engine of the entire region. It would do nothing to relieve the already overcrowded Kennedy Bridge, or fix the dangerous current design of Spaghetti Junction. These and many other insurmountable problems with the idea are merely glossed over by its supporters.

The Ohio River Bridges Project, on the other hand, addresses all of these issues. It's the result of decades of planning, public input, and community leadership on both sides of the river. It's been through the arduous federal approval process and cannot be changed on a whim, particularly for an old idea that's already been shown not to work. Fortunately, the project is moving forward under visionary leadership that's not distracted by creative packaging of a bad idea. Our commitment to the Bridges Project today will lead to a more vibrant and prosperous metro area - a rich legacy for generations to come.

I'm Rich McCarty, and that's my...Point of View.