Right now, there are two major public projects that promise more economic benefit than all the rest combined:

The Ohio River bridges and the new arena.

But some of our state legislators just can't grasp that. Everyone's more than willing to use Louisville's tax dollars to support programs in their own regions. But some just can't see the sense in re-investing significant cash back into the state's largest city.

Too many of Louisville's own representatives in Frankfort are determined to ignore this city's needs.

First, our representatives muddied up the House's version of the arena bonding bill by including restrictive language about its location. Then, they allowed 55 million dollars to be cut from the bridges project - which could permanently jeopardize more than a billion dollars worth of federal funding.

Luckily, the State Senate still has the opportunity to correct these missteps before they become law. But they shouldn't be faced with the burden of fixing such misguided legislation in the first place.

Larry Clark and several of Louisville's other so-called representatives should be ashamed of the job they've done. Absolutely ashamed.

As for our state senators - I can only encourage them to do what's right and clean up the mess their colleagues in the House have made.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.