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Securing the Pork 3/21/06

Securing the Pork (3/21/06)

Every time I think Kentucky's legislators have acted in the most irresponsible way possible, they manage to top themselves.

The latest example? Their blatant ploy to use nearly half an expected 41 million dollars in federal Homeland Security funds for local pork barrel projects instead of legitimate security expenditures.

Apparently, a truly necessary project like upgrading Louisville's emergency radio system isn't as important to them as dozens of projects to stave off the terrorist threat near such great metropolitan centers as Sandy Hook and West Liberty.

Look -- it's one thing to fight for your constituents and make sure they get what they're entitled to. But it's quite another to take what was never intended for you just because you can. And that's what these characters are trying to do.

Kentucky doesn't receive nearly as much Homeland Security funding as New York or California, because the potential threat is obviously greater in those huge states. So why should the money we do get be distributed in tiny towns in the middle of nowhere at the expense of the state's largest city?

Shame on our state legislators who allowed greed and politics to undermine the Commonwealth's real security concerns. And shame on us for letting them do it.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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