Kentucky State Police are looking for a Bullitt County Sheriff's Deputy accused of engaging in a sexual act with an inmate.  They were hoping the suspended deputy would turn himself in.

That deputy is a veteran lawman who was once the Shepherdsville police chief. The act allegedly took place, while he was in the process of transporting a female prisoner.
Kentucky State Police have an arrest warrant for Bullitt County Deputy Joe Rogers, for sexual misconduct.

Danny Thompson, Chief Deputy, Bullitt County says, "Sexual misconduct covers everything that could have happened, we do not think it was rape."  Allegations were made by a female inmate Rogers was transporting to the Kentucky corrections psychiatric center in LaGrange. 

The 59-year-old Rogers, has been a Bullitt County deputy for just about four years. At one time, he was the Shepherdsville Police Chief, and a police officer in Shepherdsville.  The former Mayor of Shepherdsville Rogers was dismissed from the Shepherdsville force about five years ago, for using excessive force and not following orders during a police chase.

As for his current assignment with the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office.  Thompson says, "Deputy Rogers was a transportation officer. He transported individuals from outside the county to court and from court, so we believe when the incident happened last week. We believe he was taking an inmate from court."

Bullitt investigators say the woman was a willing participant, but she's an inmate and can't give consent.  Rogers was scheduled to turn himself in to state police Tuesday afternoon but didn't keep that appointment.

Roger's attorney, Bill Wilson, released a statement Tuesday evening. He says he's confident, Rogers who is now suspended with pay will be cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.