Weather Whiners (04-03-06)

Severe weather in our viewing area on Friday night and again on Sunday caused Fox 41 to interrupt regular programming to present detailed information aimed at warning viewers who were in the path of the storms.

Unfortunately, this job was made far more difficult due to the fact that our newsroom was flooded with calls during this time - many of them obscene - berating us for pre-empting their regular shows. They insisted that our coverage was unnecessary because it didn't directly affect their particular neighborhood, and some threatened to watch our competitors from now on.

First, when severe weather threatens our viewing area, WDRB will ALWAYS go with live coverage of potentially life threatening weather over regular programming.

Second, our viewing area is extremely wide. It covers dozens of counties in Kentucky and Indiana. Just because the street where you live isn't affected doesn't mean no one is.

And third, any of you who think you'd do better in this regard by watching our competitors, have at it. They took the same approach we did. They're also professionals who understand what it means to "broadcast in the public interest."

We're here to give our audience the entertainment it wants AND the information it needs. And when there's a conflict, the needs will always trump the wants.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.