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Illegal Immigrants 4/4/06

Illegal Immigrants (04-04-06)

There are 12 million illegal immigrants in our country who are currently overburdening our schools and straining our healthcare resources -- all without contributing their fair share in taxes. Who picks up the slack? U.S. taxpayers.

That's why we should make every effort to find and deport the ones who are here, and institute safeguards to keep future ones out.

If that takes building a wall along the border, I'm for it. But here are a couple of other ideas:

Any U.S. employer who's caught using illegal immigrant labor should face penalties severe enough to make it a risk not worth taking.

And if they really are so desperately needed, perhaps the U.S. and Mexico could reach an agreement allowing for the temporary importation of laborers - who would be closely monitored and returned to Mexico as soon as the job is finished.

At a recent rally, thousands of illegal immigrants held signs saying, "We're not criminals." Well, yes, if they're in this country illegally that's precisely what they are.

Legal immigrants deserve their rightful place in America. But the unrestricted flow of virtually anyone and everyone simply must stop.

If this sounds harsh, think of it this way: If the boat capsizes under the sheer weight of too many passengers, we'll all drown.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.


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