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Why We Editorialize 04/13/06

Why We Editorialize (04-13-06)

As we approach the fourth birthday of "Point of View," I want to discuss once again exactly why I do these editorials.

First, I have no expectation or desire that everyone who hears these pieces will be swayed into agreeing with me. Since 2002, I've presented nearly 400 of these opinions, and I'm sure more than a few have been wrong. As a matter of fact, in several instances, I've done follow-ups to let you know that viewer response has changed my mind.

I'm not here to force anyone to swallow my viewpoint as gospel. But I do want to be a catalyst that gets viewers to think about their own opinions on the issues facing us.

Disagreement is never the enemy. But apathy is. If you hear me say something that makes you think I'm a chowderhead, that's fine. But it's even better if it motivates you to take your own stand and try to make a difference. And -- as we always point out -- we have a standing invitation for anyone to use our airtime to deliver alternative views.

I thank those who have already done so. And I hope more of you will take us up on that offer in the future.

Because a steady drone of my opinion - and mine only - would be tiresome and pointless. But testing ideas by bouncing them off each other is the best way to reach enlightened decisions that can make life better for everyone.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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