Heroes (5/23/06)

These days, the word "hero" gets tossed around pretty carelessly.

But lately, we've learned of several people who actually deserve the label.

People like LMPD Officers Larry Riley and Steven Kelsey and two Louisville firefighters whose names I don't know, who recently showed quick thinking at a shooting scene. Instead of waiting for an ambulance, they took a critically injured two-year-old on a high-speed rescue run to Kosair Children's Hospital. And quite possibly saved her life in the bargain.

Then there's Edgar Prado, the jockey aboard Barbaro in the Preakness. When the Derby-winning colt suddenly broke down, Prado immediately reacted, bringing him to a safe and controlled halt as quickly as possible without doing anything to make an already horrible situation even worse.

And finally, how about Bill Cosby, who insists upon speaking the truth about the many problems that face the African-American community? His pleas for more personal responsibility and parental involvement are not only right on the money, but if you think they only apply to African-Americans, you're missing the point completely.

Real heroes don't take polls. They see the truth and act upon it - without hesitation.

Lucky for us we still have some around.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.