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Shirking Personal Responsibility (6/1/06)

Let me see if I have this straight.

A guy gets loaded at Caesars Indiana, borrows $75,000 from the casino, loses it, and refuses to repay the debt....

...and then he sues them?

Or how about this: A guy who thinks the world should take him as seriously as he takes himself defaces the Federal Courthouse here with a truck full of driveway sealer to "make a point," gets arrested...

...and his supporters wail because a judge wants to keep him in jail?

Let's review for a moment.

In the casino case: Two primary activities go on in a casino -- gambling and drinking. This is no secret.

Drinking can often make you stupid. This is also not a bulletin.

But if you drink too much and do something stupid -- like lose 75 grand you don't have - that's your fault. Not the casino's.

And when it comes to this misguided temper tantrum:

Free speech doesn't include the right to vandalize. And when you do something moronic like this - and already have a record of similar stupid moves in the past -- no one should be surprised when you're required to face the music.

I'll admit - both these guys do have their share of problems. But if they really want to find someone to blame for their troubles, I'd suggest they both take a peek into a mirror.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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