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There's No Crying in Football, Either (6/6/06)

There's No Crying in Football, Either (6/6/06)

We now have a new candidate for Ridiculous Euphemism of the Year:

"Score Management Policy."

What is a "Score Management Policy?" Well, it's an edict issued by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, which governs high school sports in that state. And basically, it requires the suspension of coaches whose teams win their football games by more than 50 points.

That's right -- your job is to cultivate the best possible football team for your school. But damage a few fragile egos by being too good, and you risk losing that job.


Luckily, Kentucky high school rules allow for game officials to call for a continuously running clock when the score gets unreasonably lopsided. But Connecticut's geniuses won't go for that, because they're afraid it'll "cut into backups' playing time."

Good grief - such sensitivity!

Look - kids are supposed to learn from high school sports. And one of the things they need to learn is that life doesn't come with a universal handicapping system. If you choose to do something and you're not good enough at it, no one's going to step in and make sure you don't get your feelings hurt.

Punishing someone for winning by too many points?

I used to think political correctness couldn't get more ridiculous. But I was wrong.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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