Last week, Lieutenant Governor Steve Pence announced he wouldn't run with Governor Ernie Fletcher for re-election in 2007. And now, he's also resigned from his appointed job as secretary of the Justice Cabinet - apparently just one step ahead of being fired.

Nonetheless, he doesn't plan to resign his post as Lt. Governor.

No, in spite of his obvious rift with the Governor - and now, his complete lack of any meaningful duties -- he's still OK with letting Kentucky's citizens pay his $99,000 salary and $30,000 housing allowance for another year and a half.

In defending this position, Mr. Pence points out that the people elected him to his post. But what he conveniently forgets is that every vote that put him in office was a vote for the Fletcher-Pence ticket - not Pence as an individual. He didn't run on his own merits, and any assumption that he won on his own merits is ridiculous.

Given the Governor's many recent problems, it's not hard to understand why Mr. Pence might want to jump ship. But let's remember - he's the one who's jumping. No one tossed him overboard. And continuing to demand payment for a job -- when there's no longer any job to do -- shows no courage of conviction whatsoever.

If he truly wants to take the high road, he should resign as Lieutenant Governor, too.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.