Hello, my name is Kelly Downard.

I was the Metro Council representative appointed to serve on the Arena Task Force.

The final recommendation of the Task Force was to build the new arena at the LG&E riverfront site. This location decision has generated much discussion in our community. I had the privilege to serve on both the Site Selection Committee and on the Finance Committee. These two committees were very closely linked, as each site offered different costs and different revenue opportunities.

Some have only concentrated on the cost of each site. But this is only half of the picture.

Let me use an example:

To build an apartment building with four apartments costs less than an apartment building with eight apartments. But the latter provides more income and also more profit potential.

It is the same with an arena built on the river. There are more costs associated with that location, but there is also more revenue that will be generated at that site. The key answer is that we can afford a better product while providing better long-term growth potential for our city.

I'm Kelly Downard, and that's my Point of View.