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Coleman's Confusion (6/22/06)

Earlier this month, James Wilson - an Africa-American -- pulled a gun on two other black men who were trying to rob him. And even though the punks ran once they saw the gun, he chased them down and shot them.

Now that's fine by me. As I've said before, those who decide to commit crimes had better be ready to accept whatever comes next.

But what's ironic is that professional protestor Louis Coleman actually awarded Wilson a certificate praising him for being a man "who was not going to be bullied in his place of business." This, from a guy who obviously has no problem with cops being bullied in their "place of business," since he's prone to get pretty worked up over any officer who dares use his gun on a suspect during the commission of a crime.

Unless, of course, the officer doing the shooting is black. That was the case in an incident this past Monday in which the suspect - also black -- was killed. But that hasn't earned a peep of protest out of Mr. Coleman.

Not that it should. From all indications, Monday's shooting was justified and I support that officer 100%. But Mr. Coleman's silence in this instance -- compared to his howling over others -- only proves he isn't really interested in the rightness or wrongness of anyone's actions, but only the skin color of those involved.

Which is a pretty sad statement about someone claiming to be a guardian of "justice."

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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