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Eliminate the Smokescreen (7/6/06)

It's a fact: Air quality inside most Louisville restaurants generally is no better than it was before we adopted our so-called "Anti-Smoking Ordinance."

Big surprise. The law is so full of loopholes, virtually any establishment can claim an exemption simply by calling itself a bar or a private club. Plus, the law lacks any real enforcement provisions.

Metro Councilman Jim King did nice work getting this partial smoking ban passed last year but because of the Metro Council's shameful squeamishness in actually making it apply to anyone, it falls far short of what Louisville's large non-smoking majority hoped for.

We're still not doing anything about the second-hand smoke problem, but we've fooled ourselves into thinking we are.

This could all be fixed by revising the ordinance to make it mean what it says, with no exceptions. But many Metro Council members say they'd rather wait to consider such an action until the current law has been in effect for a year. Of course, that really means they'd rather wait until after the November elections, so they won't have to take a position and stand by it.

So public servants are - once again -- placing their own political survival ahead of your physical survival. And blowing smoke -- hoping you won't notice.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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