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Breaking News Feedback (7/13/06)

An interesting thing happened a couple weeks ago. We did a little Point of View on the "breaking news gimmick." I expressed concern that more and more television stations are using this technique in a shameful attempt to trick and deceive viewers.

You never know what's going to resonate, but that Point of View has been spreading through television newsrooms across the country. I've received dozens of emails from journalists who hate being part of this scam on viewers.

Since it appears one Louisville station in particular is going to continue to jam this down your throat whether you like it or not, I thought you might enjoy reading what journalists across the country have had to say about the lie and deception called "Breaking News."

So we've created a special place on our website where you can see it. It's easy to find. Just go to our front page at, scroll down to Point of View and click on "Breaking News Gimmick National Feedback."

I remember, years ago, when the networks would break in to say "We interrupt this program with a special news bulletin," we'd stop dead in our tracks because we knew what they were about to tell us was something big.

Which makes the phrase "Breaking News" pretty much of a joke these days, when it often means nothing more serious than a kitten stuck in a tree.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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