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The Celebrity Sham (8/1/06)

The Celebrity Sham (8/1/06)

If this truly is "The Celebrity Age," I hope it soon goes the way of "The Stone Age" because celebrity worship is always doomed to end in disappointment once reality sets in.

The media machine has dazzled us with the storybook love affair of Prince Charles and Diana...the home run heroics of our steroid superstars...the amazing business genius of Ken Lay...and let's not forget Hollywood's official Mr. Nice Guy, Mel Gibson.

It turns out they were all just myths. Once we got close enough to see the truth behind the image, there was nothing there that was all that special.

When our celebrity heroes are undone by unpleasant revelations, we sometimes overreact and conclude maybe there just aren't any heroes anymore.

But that isn't right either, because there are plenty of heroes.

Parents who sacrifice to make a good life for their kids. Spouses who live by the promise "for better or for worse." Friends who are always there when you need them. Great teachers. Caring volunteers.

The only difference between these people and the hot names in Entertainment Weekly is they don't issue press releases or attract the paparazzi.

But don't kid yourself. These are the heroes. And they'll still be around long after the next celebrity DUI is reported on "The Insider."

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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