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Troubled Bridge Over Troubled Waters (08-08-06)

Troubled Bridge Over Troubled Waters (08-08-06)

Five years ago, Kentucky paid two companies over 20 million dollars for not painting the Kennedy Bridge.

Then, earlier this year, we paid another company about two million dollars not to do it.

Clearly, something about these deals wasn't right.

So, shrewdly changing strategy, we next solicited bids only from companies that might actually do the job.

But given that troubling new requirement, only one company saw fit to bid. Not once, but twice.

Some people might have gotten the hint.

But not our state officials. No, they're still convinced some great deal is still lurking out there over the rainbow, so we're about to embark on yet another do-over.

Can no one read the tea leaves, here? We're already down to only one company that'll even return our calls. This bridge is not the girl everyone wants to take to the prom.

Productive negotiation is fine. But when you've already thrown away as much as we have, further delay to maybe save a relative few bucks is just stupid.

I suppose we're stuck with one more round of this nonsense. But this time we'd better take the best deal we're offered - as long as it protects the state with very specific performance requirements -- and be happy with it. Then, let's move on to something more productive.

Like maybe finding someone else to put in charge of getting bridges painted next time.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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