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A Gaming Gaffe? (8/15/06)

A Gaming Gaffe? (8/15/06)

I enjoy casino gambling. I think Kentucky is crazy for not legalizing and taxing it.

I also enjoy a day at the racetrack. And the Kentucky Lottery is fine by me, too.

But I also know there'll always be a certain number of compulsive gamblers who need to stay as far away as possible from all of the above.

The casino, racetrack and lottery people generally do a darned good job of helping protect these folks from themselves.

But last week's "Responsible Gaming Education Week" - as well motivated as it was - included one of the more ironic "education tools" I've heard of in a long time.

It seems someone thought it'd be a great idea to give away over 12,000 pens bearing the slogan "Play Responsibly."

Which seems OK.

But considering you had to go to a horse track or casino to pick one up, I'm thinking they may not have achieved the desired effect.

Now again - I'm not anti-gambling by any means. And I think people who have gambling problems should take personal responsibility for their own weakness.

But if any of those unfortunate folks found themselves in need of a pen last week, I hope they just went down to the drugstore and picked up a Bic.

Because those "free" ones at the tracks and casinos could have wound up costing a bit more than they expected.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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