We've heard from quite a few viewers lately who have interesting opinions of their own, so I'd like to share a few of them.

First, Joe of Louisville has this to say about TARC's plan to run busses to the State Fair from downtown:

"Couldn't this be better thought out? Not many people live around 5th and Market. The city should run busses from some of our shopping centers in other neighborhoods. Why can't they pick us up where we are?"

Meanwhile, Tony of Mount Washington asks, "If the police really want to stop drunk drivers, why don't they set up their roadblocks outside establishments that serve alcohol? Many of their patrons are intoxicated, and stopping them before they get on the road would be a viable way to prevent them from hurting or killing themselves and others."

And finally, Gary of Louisville had this to say: "Once we finally do get the Kennedy Bridge painted, why not maintain a full time bridge maintenance crew for all the bridges? Not only would this let us stay on top of problems, but the people who worked on this crew would live in our community, and the money they made would be spent here year round."

As always we welcome all your opinions, and you can read more of them on our website at Fox41.com.

In the meantime, I'm Bill Lamb, and that's your...Point of View