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A Settlement With No Winners (9/5/06)

A Settlement With No Winners (9/5/06)

So now that Ernie Fletcher and Grady Stumbo have negotiated an end to the criminal case against the governor, what can we conclude?

First - Fletcher's campaign pledge to "clean up the mess in Frankfort" was just another empty promise. Sure, there was a mess in Frankfort before he got there. But the governor just used that as an excuse to keep adding more garbage to the pile.

Second - Stumbo's insistence that politics didn't play a part in his prosecution of the case is bunk. Yes, based on the allegations, his investigation was justified. But if anyone thinks he would have pursued it against a political ally, I have an unpainted bridge I'll sell them.

Third - while Stumbo said his political future was "never a consideration" in pursuing the settlement, it's obvious his pledge not to run for governor himself as long as he was actively prosecuting the case had painted him into a corner. But now -- no more case, no more promise.

And finally - if either man wins their party's nomination in next year's gubernatorial race, I'll be stunned. Because if we're willing to forgive and forget after this pathetic circus act, then we deserve what we get.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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