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A Hole in the Heart of the City (9/7/06)

A Hole in the Heart of the City (9/7/06)

Now that the LG&E site has finally been chosen as the location for the new downtown arena, it's time to concentrate on getting that project underway.

But it's not time to simply forget about the other contender - the old Water Company block.

Perhaps this block - just south of the new Marriott and east of Fourth Street Live - wasn't exactly right for the arena project. But as home to little more than surface parking lots and mostly useless, decrepit old buildings, it's still a huge waste of prime downtown real estate in the middle of booming development on all sides.

Many claimed the LG&E site was the logical place for a public project like the arena because private developers would never invest money there -- while the commercial possibilities for the Water Company block were much more numerous. Some even hinted that deals were already percolating, and we'd hear more about them once the arena issue was settled.

But suddenly, we're back to not hearing much about the Water Company site anymore.

Maybe I'm just too impatient, and a big announcement about the block will come any day now. I hope so.

But every day I drive by that asphalt desert, I have to wonder why we continue to ignore it, when big ideas are becoming reality all around it.

And how much longer we can afford to.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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