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Profiling: Only Common Sense (9/14/06)

Some people vigorously oppose the use of any kind of profiling in America's security efforts. And if any security system could be 100% effective, I'd agree -- there'd be no need for profiling of any type.

But no system can be. Which is why profiling can be a useful shortcut.

Meticulously checking the credentials and background of literally everyone who boards a plane in the USA every day would be impossible. So we have to focus our efforts where they're most likely to do some good.

Given recent past history here in America - as well as around the world - it's pretty clear the vast majority of terrorist attacks are perpetrated by relatively young males of Middle Eastern descent.

Not grandmothers in wheelchairs. Not African-American teenagers. Not retirees of any race or ethnicity.

So why waste our limited screening opportunities by giving everyone equal scrutiny, in hopes no one will think we're prejudiced?

I'm not saying all - or even most -- young Middle Eastern males are terror threats. And I'm not saying everyone else should automatically get a free pass.

But since we can't look closely at everyone, every minute spent patting down a 90-year-old with a walker is a minute wasted as long as anyone from the primary suspect group is allowed to go unchecked. And these days, when it comes to America's security, wasting even a minute is foolish beyond belief.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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