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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (09-28-06)

Recently, it rained nearly ten inches in 24 hours in some areas. The system was overwhelmed, and lots of homes were partially submerged.

But no one has made a case that the Metropolitan Sewer District is to blame for this. Sometimes, conditions are simply too much for even the best system to handle.

Actually, there's general agreement that MSD improvements since the '97 flood kept this year's problems from being much worse.

In spite of this, MSD voluntarily offered up to $500 to any customer who'd suffered flood damage.

So what did we immediately hear from some of the affected parties?

"$500? That's not nearly enough."

Folks, MSD can't just make all your troubles disappear. They're offering a gift to help ease the pain a little bit. And if you have the nerve to whine when a gift isn't good enough, you don't deserve it at all.

Sure, everyone wants perfect, foolproof insurance against every possible disaster. But no one's ever very enthusiastic when it comes to paying for such extreme protection.

So let's get real. MSD didn't have to offer ANYTHING. But they're trying to help as much as they can. And accusing them of not doing enough simply because you think they should do it all is simply unrealistic and inexcusable.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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