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Got Something Nasty to Say? Run For Office. (10/5/06)

I get a fair number of letters and emails from viewers who complain about negative political ads. Obviously they hate them. I think we all do.

But in the world of politics, dirt is the first thing political consultants look for. And if they can't find real dirt they will twist their opponents' words, imply misdeeds, and insinuate character flaws until we have no idea what is truth and what is fiction.

You see, as much as we say we hate the attack ads, we continue to be influenced by them, so politicians keep targeting our inner Jerry Springer.

This is a big reason some of the best and brightest don't run for office anymore. They either aren't willing to have their character assaulted just to get into public office or they don't want to be part of doing that to someone else.

The thing that bothers me most is the dichotomy between the dignity of holding a prestigious public office and the utter lack of dignity they display in these negative ads. When you have politicians who will fight dirtier than any professional wrestler, how can we think they will suddenly conduct themselves nobly once they're in office?

In other words, it's a strange world we live in where someone can behave without honor in the election process only to be given the title of "Honorable" if they are successful.

I'm Bill Lamb...and that's my Point of View.

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